Website Design and Development

woman-desk-laptop-1Websites need to stay current. Just as a fresh coat of paint keeps your business looking clean, sometimes all your website needs is a slight redesign by adding new features and format. Or you might want to give it a complete makeover with a current design and fixing broken links.  Do you need someone to add new content, be it text or graphics? We can help you with that. 



Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing

You can reach a bigger audience by being on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, or any of the many social media sites. Messages posted from your account on social media sites are like blurbs of news. People tend to trust your company more if your social media sites are active. But who has time for that? You are running a business. That’s where the crew at WebSiteBees come in. We can get you started or pick up your current expanding social media work creating text or graphic content, posting photos, and videos. We also blog for you and put out your e-newsletters too.



Look No More Best Prices In The USA

viewpoint-99199_960_720We know you have been putting off getting a website done because you are not sure who to trust and you did some research already and found another company has quoted a high price. Our prices are the best in the industry and if you find another USA company’s that are better, then show us, and we’ll match it. Our goal is to work for you to give you the website that gives you the edge you need. 





We make logos too.

Some examples